Why Electric?

Our electric outboards are efficient, quiet, require no maintenance or winterization, and eliminate the odors and pollution caused by combustion.

Why Flux?

Our motors are the most powerful and only ground-up, high performance, electric outboard design in the world. Our innovations and patented technology deliver industry-leading efficiency and performance while ensuring the most comfortable boating experience.

How do I charge the batteries?

Batteries can be charged using a standard 110 volt wall outlet, marina power pedestals, or with a J1772 EV charger if available.

What is the range?

Range varies depending on your hull, system configuration, and speed. The expected range for our boat packages can be found on the boat packages page.

WHat MAintenance is required?

Due to our innovative drivetrain architecture, our outboards require zero scheduled maintenance or winterization.

do you offer a warranty?

Our boat packages and outboards include an industry leading 5-year warranty.

how does the weight compare to an Internal combustion system?

Our motors are significantly lighter than a traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE). The total weight of batteries and motor is comparable to a traditional ICE outboard; however, the distribution of that weight is farther forward and more favorable to stability.