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Early Prototype travels on Lake Carnegie (Princeton, NJ) at 45 knots, nearly setting an electric marinecraft speed record for its power class.

The idea behind Flux Marine was driven by an unsinkable passion for boating and the environment. Growing up, our hobby was restoring old boats and engines on Lake George, NY. Countless times motors wouldn't start, resulting in weeks of repairs and sometimes even the rest of the summer off the water. We knew there had to be a better way.

Inspiration came when we saw electrification in the automotive industry. Automakers were proving that performance, reliability, and sustainability no longer had to be mutually exclusive. While studying engineering at Princeton, Ben Sorkin found the Princeton lab for electrochemical energy systems research and dove into the world of battery technology. This led him to work at Tesla, where the technology vision for a better boat motor was stengthened. 


The first step was to build a prototoype. We scraped together money to build our very first proof of concept in 2015 during a summer research program at Princeton University. That protoype almost broke an electric world speed record - we knew we had something. Several years of research followed as we worked to perfect our technology.

In 2018, we officially incorporated and tirelessly worked to build additional prototypes​ and prove the business viability of electric propulsion in the marine industry. We won some of the nation's top business plan competitions and competitive prizes. Through a ground-up design and innovative technology suite, we developed a product that challenges the norms of electric as slow and boating unreliable and expensive. We put our 30 HP technology demonstrator on our 1961 Glasspar G3 ski boat which ran better than the old 100 HP Merc Tower of Power we restored growing up. Not only did the boat move at 25 knots, but you can actually pull a skier because of the torque.  

We didn't stop there. Our focus has been towards developing additional outboard models and refining them to commercial quality. Our mission is to develop marine propulsion systems characterized by performance, scalability and dependability. Our product is a complete system comprising an outboard motor, battery, and control set. Ranging in power from 15 to 70HP+, our systems are suitable for diverse applications across the boating industry.


We look forward to you being a part of our story.

-Flux Marine Team

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